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みんなさん!We did it!!! We survived 日本語のクラス!!! For this semester that is.....

Just kidding. Ummm, tell me why this has been one of the funnest (is that a word, I ALWAYS ask that) classes EVER! Seriously, my other classes pale in comparison to this class. Let's see physics I have 250 people so I can't really have Clemons study groups or daily Pav lunches with 250 people....or can I? I can't.

I have NEVER taken such an efficient and intense language class, ever! I think I have learned more in the first semester of Japanese 101 that I had in about 2 years of highshool Spanish. みんなさん、what is really funny is when I go home to visit and my family members all ask me "Say this is Japanese" or "how do you say ___ in Japanese?" or my FAVORITE is when we had a Thanksgiving party and my mom's coworkers came over and she made me describe them!!!! Luckily, we had learned how to describe friends and family and I was successful. But, it is REALLY interesting the look that people get on their faces when you say "I'm taking Japanese." If I said I knew Spanish and English, no one would care. Arabic, maybe. But, Japanese is like no other language I have every encountered before.

Also, Sato-sensei is the BEST language teacher I've ever had!!!!! I don't even know HOW, but somehow we learn so FAST and so much!!!! And, you know what's weird? Iremember EVERY vocab word from the beginning of the semester effortlessly. With Spanish, I have strain to remember certain vocabulary words. I think Sato-sensei AND Kawai-sensei are a REALLY good team and I can't wait to learn more!!!!! I'm so anxious, I will most likely pour through GENKI I throughout the break....

Lastly, みんなさん。As Chen-san said in his blog, I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! ("In a totally platonic way" - thanks mel). I have met some of my BEST friends at UVA through this class. I realized without JAPN 101, my schedule would have been really lackluster. I love ARCH students and all, but they're too serious...PHYS students are boring, MATH students are nerdy, ARH 101 students ARE THE WORST. Also, when coming to UVA I really expected to cling to my High school friends like glue; however, I realized that a lot of my new friends are much better individuals than my past high school friends. That doesn't mean I don't like them, it's just my eyes have been opened to new types of people. You know how people say ignorance is bliss? Well, isn't it quite the opposite? Do you want to be blind to potential friends and new types of people? I don't. I am SO glad I took this class. My family, sister specifically, wanted me to take Arabic and my father was really aggrevated when I signed up for JAPN 101 - I personally did not know what I was doing. But,I really feel like an 大人 for the first time ever because I've made future plans, and am taking actions to fulfill them.

No one can stop me.

Thanks guys, and thanks to our sensei's who are helping us impress/change the world!!!!!


Good luck on your finals guys and see you maybe before the your finals guys and see you maybe before the final, during the final, and after the final!

Peer Editing/Speech Process

I just wanted to say that peer editing is really REALLY beneficial. Although my partners, and I am assuming everyone else's partners, did not catch every single mistake, that is only one aspect of the speech editing process. While it is important to catch mistakes, the best part was a) working on reading in Japanese (improving speed of reading) b) reading comprehension c) finding mistakes in our own writing while reading someone else's paper d) seeing the styles of other people e) developing our own writing style f) getting to be creative and exploring sentence structure alternatves not discussed in class g) use of new vocab among everyone (which words did people specifically choose and why?) h) Sato-sensei reading our second draft and pointing out glaring mistakes i) memorizing monologue (not skit dialogue) in Japanese j) fluency of speaking (natural speed and intinations) k) see other people's speaking styles

SO, as you can see, there are SO many reasons why the speech writing/editing/performing process was REALLY beneficial (10 REASONS ABOVE!!!). Also, I advice EVERYONE to be harsh when grading. Since we are not in middle school any more, we don't have to be modest and say "I'm sorry, you have a mistake here." We are all HELPING each other out by pointing out mistake and correcting them. And, if you point an error that is actually correct, then the worst consequence is learning something new. YOU HURT SOMEONE MORE IF YOU DONT POINT OUT MISTAKES!!!

Yamen Hama

Wednesday, November 28, 2007



    アナンデルこうこうはバージニアのアナンデルにあります。私はその学こうが大すきです。それは私のうちからくるまで十五分です。でも、私は時々じてんしゃにのって、いえからじてんしゃで二十五分かかります。私はすう学とか学がすきですから、か学 [1] は私のすきなクラスでした。でも、か学のクラスはげいじゅつ [2] がありませんでした。こうこうのはじめて年からこうこうの四ばん年、私の大学のせんもんが分かりませんでした。だから、私のおねえさんにたくさん日と時間はなして、私は私にしつもんをききました。。一ばん大へんなしつもんは「なんのしごとはか学とすう学とげいじゅつがありますか。」あとで十二月にデュバイへ行って、とてもきれいなビルを見て、こたえ[3]がすぐ分かりました。一ばんいいこたえはけんちく学でした。そのしごとはすう学とげいじゅつがありますから。しごとはとてもたのしいですが、それもとてもむずかしいです。でも, 一ばんおもしろいしごとです。それから、こうこうの四ばん年に私の人るい学の先生は私をてつだいました。私は先生にけんちく学の本ときょうかしょをかりて、まいしゅうその本をたくさんよみました。とてもいそがしかったです。今私はバージニア大学のけんちく学の学こうの学生ですが、大人の時にニューヨークと東きょうとデュバイへ行って、しごとをします。
[1] Chemistry
[2] Art
[3] Answer

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はじめてスピーチのドラフト     こうこうの時

    アナンデルこうこうはバージニアのアナンデルにあります。私はその学こうが大すきです。それは私のうちからくるまで十五分です。でも、私は時々じてんしゃにのって、いえからじてんしゃで二十五分です。私はすう学とか学がすきですから、か学 [1] は私のすきなクラスでした。でも、か学のクラスはげいじゅつ [2] がありませんでした。はじめてねんのこうこうから四ばんねんのこうこう、私の大学のせんもんが分かりませんでした。だから、私のおねえさんにはなしてたく山日と時間、私は私にしつもんをききました。一ばん大はんなしつもん。「なんのしごとはか学とすう学とげいじゅつがありますか。」一ばんいいこたえ [3] はけんちく学でした、そのしごとはすう学とげいじゅつがありますから。しごとはとてもたのしが、それもとてもむずかしです。でも, 一ばんおもしろいしごとです。それから、四ばんねんのこうこうに私の人るい学の先生は私をてつだいました。私は先生にけんちく学の本ときょうかしょをかりて、まいしゅうその本をたく山よみました。私はとてもいそがしかったです。今私はバージニア大学のけんちく学の学こうの学生です。しごとをたく山してが、よくあそびます。

[1] Chemistry

[2] Art

[3] Answer

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I have THE best にほんご 百一 クラス in the world! Not only because our せんせい is REALLY いい, BUT now we are all ともだちand hang out with each other a lot!!! Like, きのう we we went to the theとしょかん to にほんごをべんきょします。でも、Chen-san, Enciso-san, Hook-san, Kim-san, Omuraliev-san, Han-san and I spent 六 hours basically laughing forever and enjoying each others' company...we did not get much studying done; HOWEVER, we studied by ourselves later that night. それから、きょうごご二十分にひるごはんをたべます!いいですね!私は昼ごはんすしをたべます。おいしいですよ!おちゃあをのみます。Most of us had すし、but that's not the point, I'm digressing so much. ANYWAYS, we are all one small really fun group of friends, which is REALLY rare for a クラスのだいがく。You know what I mean? It's not like my entire physics or けんちくがくのクラス and I go out to lunch or hang out or do skits together. And, the cool thing is, あしたはひるごはんのパーチイをします!I'm so excited because it is at ハンさんのうち and she and エンシソさんare cooking!!!! おいしいですね!Most people just see their classmates during クラス、but are class is special and fun and I look forward to going to each one...even if きょうtheir was a チャプター三のテスト。。。。。

チャプター三のテスト (Chapter 3 Test)
OK, I thought the test was going to be a lot harder than it was. Like, I studied the うにょみ and くにょみ but I guess only KNOWING the かんじい is sufficient. The BIGGEST obstacle is not the material or even the format or's the 時 (time). The time constraint is my biggest enemy, BUT I managed to get through it. I LOVED THE READING COMPREHENSION SECTION. I love those kinds of translational activities. They are helpful in polishing your にほんご。


Favorite word to SAY: ちょっと
Favorite word to write: 時々
Favorite letters to write: 円 AND 時
Favorite phrase to say: あしたはちょっと。
Favorite sentence to write and say: わたしは時々ごご七時四十五分にクレメンスとしょかんでにほんごをべんきょうします。

I hoped you enjoyed my えいご and にほんご!I want to start replacing all of the words I know in にほんご so that I can practice writing and you can practice reading! You should do it to, and mixing えいご and にほんご is not as intimidating as full にほんご!


Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Architecture Life


That was basically my schedule for tonight, however, let me digress into my life of architecture...or in Japanese, けんちくがくのせいかつ。 Little did I know that when I decided to major in architecture, I would be signing my life away to no sleep, long hours, cryptographic homework assignments, and many hours of frustration. でも、the ONE thing in my schedule at UVA that is helping my to relax and have fun is JAPANESE CLASS! No, really, it is the ONLY fun class. Even though we have a LOT of work in JAPN 101, I don't mind it. This is the first time I have taken a class, especially a language, out of interest. I WANT to do well. At first I was really concerned about the grades, but now I'm more concerned with learning the language. Also, I LOVE KANJII!!!! Even though it is really hard, the characters are really beautiful and once I DO learn how to use Kanjii, it will be such an accomplishment...じゃあ、thank God tomorrow is Friday and all I have left to do is Sakubun final copy. Maybe I will sleep at a decent hour tonight!!!!


おやすみなさい!じゃあまた!                ヤーメン・ハマ

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Chapter 3...

こんばんは!Ok, so, I'm not sure if anyone else is in the same boat but I am sooooo confused in Japanese right now, でも、I am trying so hard to teach myself and study a lot to be really prepared for tomorrow. However, the class just got significantly harder! Chapter 1, PERFECT. Chapter 2, I understood all the concepts, but the カタカナ is still a bit challenging, but I'm sure with some practice I will get better. Chapter 3, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! The sentences are really complex, the vocab is intense (note to more romajii), kanjii is much harder than hiragana and katakana to write, AND word order is confusing. BUT, I am determined to do well in this class and try really hard! So, if that means spending long hours studying alone or with my パートナー (エンシソサン)、HI MELANIE, then so be it. IF ANYONE HAS ANY TIPS ON LEARNING CHAPTER 3 MATERIALS, TELL ME! (I am attending the session with さとうせんせい tomorrow (あした) )

On a lighter note, I LOVED デファジオ and ワシングトンさん presentation! Did everyone realize that チェンさん used the "sweat drop" in his skit....VERY COOL AND POPULAR!

Ok, I am going to study now (わたしはいまうちでにほんごをべんきょうします。)I think that's right...... 

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カタカナれんしゅう (Katakana Practice)

こんにちは!Ok, so no matter how skilled you are in にほんご, カタカナ is still pretty stressful and difficult! Especially since the words are not direct translations from English, as サトせんせい said, "カタカナはえいごじゃあありません!” "KATAKANA IS NOT ENGLISH!" So, there are a couple of things you can do to help you memorize カタカナbetter!

いち: パートナーとれんしゅうして!Practice with a partner! For example, エンシソさん (Enciso-san) and I had a dictation study/party session! It can be really really fun and you learn faster because it is just like the quizzes but outside of class! The more we practiced, the more we laughed at "プープール" ("purple" which turned out to be パープル not the hilarious プープール), and the faster we got at reading and writing!

に: よんで!よんで!よんで!かいて!かいて!かいて!Read and write! You know the sheet サトせんせい gave us in class about ファイブガイズ (Five Guys)? That is actually REALLY helpful! It tests and builds on your ability to read faster and fluently!

さん: WATCH ANIME! Ok, not just anime, but watch Japanese cartoons, or anime, or J-Dramas (shout out to Enciso-san), or listen to Japanese music! You start to pick up little words here and there that they borrow. FOR EXAMPLE, I just watched an episode of an anime and the guy kept saying "ボイ” as in "Boy" and わかりました I understood!

Soooooo, I HOPE this インフォメーション has been helpful...if you still can't read that, it seems that you should practice more...HAHAHAHAHAHA, I'm kidding, I am still learning at a slow pace and I follow my own advice to the utmost. For example, I am going to go do the Japanese homework due tomorrow!!!


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WHY JAPANESE? Hi everyone! So, since this is our FIRST blog entry, I guess I have to tell you guys why I love Japanese so much! When I grow up, yes I still consider myself a child, I would grab any opportunity to work in either New York, Dubai, or Tokyo as an architect (if you didn’t know my major was architecture from the hiragana above shame shame…). Anyways, I can speak Spanish and English to work in New York. I was born and raised for three years in Syria, so I can speak Arabic for Dubai (which is the United Arab Emirates fyi….). SO, if I want to work in Tokyo some day I HAVE TO KNOW SOME JAPANESE!

ANIME!!! Now, for the less formal reason why I love Japanese so much. ANIME!!! Yes, my best friend got me hooked on Anime about a year ago and I can’t give it up. Yes, I know the world would be a better place without my addiction, but I say a person’s gotta live! Maybe someday, I can watch Japanese kids’ cartoons and Anime without subtitles…or maybe I can just listen for the words I know WHILE using subtitles (yeah that’s better).

JAPANESE INTERESTS: Ok, so what kind of Japanese stuff do I like??? Well, besides anime, I love love love Japanese food!!! The most stereotypical being Sushi!!! Wait, I can write that now!!! すし!すし!すし!すし!But, I hate wasabi….ewwwwww…..Also, my favorite videogame is sooooo cool and popular in Japan. If you don’t know by name, I use the phrase “cool and popular” to describe almost anything I like….for example, “My Japanese class friends are soooo cool and popular” (just like that). Back to my videogame…KINGDOM HEARTS (I & II). Best game ever…please play it…also, I don’t know but I think DDR came out in Japan first…if so, YES I love DDR as well. And, my favorite Japanese singer is…UTADA HIKARU!!! She even has some English songs….Okay, that’s all for now. Jaa mata!!!