Saturday, December 8, 2007

Peer Editing/Speech Process

I just wanted to say that peer editing is really REALLY beneficial. Although my partners, and I am assuming everyone else's partners, did not catch every single mistake, that is only one aspect of the speech editing process. While it is important to catch mistakes, the best part was a) working on reading in Japanese (improving speed of reading) b) reading comprehension c) finding mistakes in our own writing while reading someone else's paper d) seeing the styles of other people e) developing our own writing style f) getting to be creative and exploring sentence structure alternatves not discussed in class g) use of new vocab among everyone (which words did people specifically choose and why?) h) Sato-sensei reading our second draft and pointing out glaring mistakes i) memorizing monologue (not skit dialogue) in Japanese j) fluency of speaking (natural speed and intinations) k) see other people's speaking styles

SO, as you can see, there are SO many reasons why the speech writing/editing/performing process was REALLY beneficial (10 REASONS ABOVE!!!). Also, I advice EVERYONE to be harsh when grading. Since we are not in middle school any more, we don't have to be modest and say "I'm sorry, you have a mistake here." We are all HELPING each other out by pointing out mistake and correcting them. And, if you point an error that is actually correct, then the worst consequence is learning something new. YOU HURT SOMEONE MORE IF YOU DONT POINT OUT MISTAKES!!!

Yamen Hama

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