Thursday, September 13, 2007




WHY JAPANESE? Hi everyone! So, since this is our FIRST blog entry, I guess I have to tell you guys why I love Japanese so much! When I grow up, yes I still consider myself a child, I would grab any opportunity to work in either New York, Dubai, or Tokyo as an architect (if you didn’t know my major was architecture from the hiragana above shame shame…). Anyways, I can speak Spanish and English to work in New York. I was born and raised for three years in Syria, so I can speak Arabic for Dubai (which is the United Arab Emirates fyi….). SO, if I want to work in Tokyo some day I HAVE TO KNOW SOME JAPANESE!

ANIME!!! Now, for the less formal reason why I love Japanese so much. ANIME!!! Yes, my best friend got me hooked on Anime about a year ago and I can’t give it up. Yes, I know the world would be a better place without my addiction, but I say a person’s gotta live! Maybe someday, I can watch Japanese kids’ cartoons and Anime without subtitles…or maybe I can just listen for the words I know WHILE using subtitles (yeah that’s better).

JAPANESE INTERESTS: Ok, so what kind of Japanese stuff do I like??? Well, besides anime, I love love love Japanese food!!! The most stereotypical being Sushi!!! Wait, I can write that now!!! すし!すし!すし!すし!But, I hate wasabi….ewwwwww…..Also, my favorite videogame is sooooo cool and popular in Japan. If you don’t know by name, I use the phrase “cool and popular” to describe almost anything I like….for example, “My Japanese class friends are soooo cool and popular” (just like that). Back to my videogame…KINGDOM HEARTS (I & II). Best game ever…please play it…also, I don’t know but I think DDR came out in Japan first…if so, YES I love DDR as well. And, my favorite Japanese singer is…UTADA HIKARU!!! She even has some English songs….Okay, that’s all for now. Jaa mata!!!


Aznbabybop said...


I love your blog page! Hmmm....anime is it? Let me just type the one word that I have learned through anime...ABUNAI!!!(Hee...hee...hee...) Well, that's about it. If you would like to add new stuff to your blog just ask and I'll help. Okay, well I have to study for the vocabulary quiz. ^_^


クイエン said...

We have so many common interests. I'm surprised!

Tokyogrrl1202 said...

do you have ddr in your dorm???
newcomb game room used to have an arcade ddr but then it broke or something. sigh.

honya-chan said...


By the way, why do you hate wasabi? I love it.

I enjoyed Kingdom Hearts II also, but I would not consider it the best game ever. There are many more games that I consider better.

As for DDR, I absolutely love it. Sadly I can't play it since my Cobalt Flux pad is at home. Seriously, Newcomb needs a DDR machine now, a SuperNova or Extreme machine.

honya-chan said...

yamen-san, go here:

There are download links for different Dictionaries. Choose the ones you want and download them and that should be it.

As for DDR, I'd love to go to a Japanese DDR party. If you have soft pads though, I will probably suck.

jenbokim said...

Hama san...
thanks for the comment.
I will see you monday! have a nice weekend=)

Kappa said...

Honya-chan pointed me over here. I've got plenty of room in my upperclass apartment for DDR, and am actually grabbing my PS2, two soft pads, and DDR Max this weekend.

We should all get together at some point for DDR!

sato said...

Sounds like this is really a place where lots of information are!


Alex said...

Yes, カタカナ is a lot more challenging than ひらがな! I studied Japanese several years ago and (at the time) learned カタカナ but it's been awhile and I'm pretty rusty so I'm definitely up for study sessions haha.

Good to hear I'm not the only DDR fan in our section too! I have some DDR Megamix game (I want to say version 3) on the Xbox but I left it at home. :(