Friday, October 12, 2007


I have THE best にほんご 百一 クラス in the world! Not only because our せんせい is REALLY いい, BUT now we are all ともだちand hang out with each other a lot!!! Like, きのう we we went to the theとしょかん to にほんごをべんきょします。でも、Chen-san, Enciso-san, Hook-san, Kim-san, Omuraliev-san, Han-san and I spent 六 hours basically laughing forever and enjoying each others' company...we did not get much studying done; HOWEVER, we studied by ourselves later that night. それから、きょうごご二十分にひるごはんをたべます!いいですね!私は昼ごはんすしをたべます。おいしいですよ!おちゃあをのみます。Most of us had すし、but that's not the point, I'm digressing so much. ANYWAYS, we are all one small really fun group of friends, which is REALLY rare for a クラスのだいがく。You know what I mean? It's not like my entire physics or けんちくがくのクラス and I go out to lunch or hang out or do skits together. And, the cool thing is, あしたはひるごはんのパーチイをします!I'm so excited because it is at ハンさんのうち and she and エンシソさんare cooking!!!! おいしいですね!Most people just see their classmates during クラス、but are class is special and fun and I look forward to going to each one...even if きょうtheir was a チャプター三のテスト。。。。。

チャプター三のテスト (Chapter 3 Test)
OK, I thought the test was going to be a lot harder than it was. Like, I studied the うにょみ and くにょみ but I guess only KNOWING the かんじい is sufficient. The BIGGEST obstacle is not the material or even the format or's the 時 (time). The time constraint is my biggest enemy, BUT I managed to get through it. I LOVED THE READING COMPREHENSION SECTION. I love those kinds of translational activities. They are helpful in polishing your にほんご。


Favorite word to SAY: ちょっと
Favorite word to write: 時々
Favorite letters to write: 円 AND 時
Favorite phrase to say: あしたはちょっと。
Favorite sentence to write and say: わたしは時々ごご七時四十五分にクレメンスとしょかんでにほんごをべんきょうします。

I hoped you enjoyed my えいご and にほんご!I want to start replacing all of the words I know in にほんご so that I can practice writing and you can practice reading! You should do it to, and mixing えいご and にほんご is not as intimidating as full にほんご!



ジュディ said...

we really didnt study much last night but it was a lot of fun. lol
we should do this for the next test again!hahaha

Alex said...

I totally agree - time is such a huge issue for me. I keep barely finishing the dialogue and even though today I saved both the dialogue and reading comprehension sections for last (I kept jumping back and forth haha), I think I could have come up with a better one if I had more time.

Oh well... Chapter 4 has the kanji with the most number of strokes in our book, but it's really fun to write.