Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Architecture Life


That was basically my schedule for tonight, however, let me digress into my life of architecture...or in Japanese, けんちくがくのせいかつ。 Little did I know that when I decided to major in architecture, I would be signing my life away to no sleep, long hours, cryptographic homework assignments, and many hours of frustration. でも、the ONE thing in my schedule at UVA that is helping my to relax and have fun is JAPANESE CLASS! No, really, it is the ONLY fun class. Even though we have a LOT of work in JAPN 101, I don't mind it. This is the first time I have taken a class, especially a language, out of interest. I WANT to do well. At first I was really concerned about the grades, but now I'm more concerned with learning the language. Also, I LOVE KANJII!!!! Even though it is really hard, the characters are really beautiful and once I DO learn how to use Kanjii, it will be such an accomplishment...じゃあ、thank God tomorrow is Friday and all I have left to do is Sakubun final copy. Maybe I will sleep at a decent hour tonight!!!!


おやすみなさい!じゃあまた!                ヤーメン・ハマ


クイエン said...

Yeah, language class can be such fun. Although Japanese has a lot of homework, I enjoy doing them more than other classes.

ジュディ said...

hamasan!! i totally agree with u! this class is the only class that i am really having fun! it`s been just a month and isn`t it amazing that we can actually speak japanese and read japanese already? we have no probs with hiragana and katakana. we only have to learn kanji and that`s it!!! it is a lot of work でも it`s worth it.

Yamen said...

ありがとうfor the comments!

Emerald Dreams said...

This is kind of weird but our assignment was to post a comment on a random blog about how we can incorporate culture into Japanese class. My idea is to celebrate the Japanese holidays in class. You know have a traditional Japanese holiday. That way it'll not only give us more knowledge on the Japanese culture but it'll also be a day that we can relax and have fun. I think it'll be interesting.

Emerald Dreams said...

BTW I'm a first year and I have lots of time to choose my major but I've always been interested in architecture. Do you know what the requirements are to fulfill that as a major.