Friday, March 21, 2008


Minasan, I think that the mixed class was actually quite successful and a terrific idea. I am not just saying this to get sensei's approval (since when have I been one to NOT say what I think, come on). Anyways, some people have said that the mixed class is quite slow-paced, not fruitful, and a bad idea. However, I think the point of the class WAS to be not slow-paced, but rather a new and awkward experience ne? The point was to experience NEW styles of talking, broaden our vocabulary usage, etc. Believe it or not, when one stays in the same class for a whole semester, the whole class begins to use the same vocabulary and the same grammar styles.

For example, my partner said that in his class they said "どっちでもいいよ”. But, in our class we have never said this before. AND if it wasn't for Greiser (spelling more than likely wrong) san, we wouldn't have learned 何でもいい as well. Furthermore, I think the accents of the other students are とてもおも白いよね? Although the majority of us do not have authentic Japanese accents, yet, the speaking styles of the other students was enlightening and I liked the way certain people pronounced certain things.

For example, pronouncing "amari" as "aNmari" and "ii desu yo" as "iiN desu yo". TRY IT! It actually sounds closer to the listening tapes in the LL with this soft "N" included. おもしろいね!!!

I think that we should have every 会話の日be a mixed class. I can't wait to meet all of the people going through what we're going through.

THAT REMINDS ME! Another cool aspect was just SEEING and MEETING more 102 students who share our views as well. とてもいいと思います!!!


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you know i agree with you wholeheartedly haha
I like meeting new people- and i am easily amused.